Frequently Asked Questions

For Individuals:

Yes. Our reports contain complex medical information that is best interpreted by a trained physician. By law, our tests must be ordered by a medical doctor.

No, our test is not covered by insurance. However, some patients with severe medical conditions have been successful in getting reimbursed by their insurance providers.

Absolutely, yes. Data security is one of our top priorities. All your genetic information is encrypted, and only authorized personnel will have access to this information. We are HIPAA-compliant and test our cybersecurity systems regularly. Find out more about how we protect your data.

Ask your doctor if they are familiar with our testing (we’re happy to provide you with some information to send them!). We help new doctors utilize our platform all the time, but if your doctor is unable to go over your results with you, we can recommend doctors in your area who are able to help.

Yes; Our test covers all 22,000 genes, meaning if you are interested in a specific gene, we cover it!

Results are available in as little as 6 weeks.

Get a saliva kit from your doctor, or have your doctor ask us to send a kit directly to your house. Instructions on how to collect your saliva sample are provided in your test kit. Do not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes prior to collecting your sample. If you are unable to produce enough saliva for submission, please contact your doctor to request a swab-based collection kit.

NAG uses Next-Generation Sequencing on the most advanced sequencers available. We offer both whole exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing.

Anyone! We have tested samples from newborns to people 100+ years old.

You can expect information about your genetic risk for thousands of health conditions, diseases you carry in your DNA and could pass down to your children but do not express, which diets and exercises are best for you based on your DNA, insight into which medications you may not respond well to, and much more.

NAG’s laboratories are Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified and follow the same stringent medical privacy policies and practices shared by the rest of your medical team. This includes adhering to the safe and secure storage of all personal health information in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

For Partners and Providers:

Our reporting covers the patient’s risk for thousands of diseases including rare disease and recessive diseases that the patient carries but does not express, diet and lifestyle mitigations that are specific to the patient’s DNA, comprehensive pharmacogenomic findings for hundreds of medications, and much more.

NAG utilizes the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) guidelines to determine the pathogenicity of each genetic variant.

If you have never ordered, please contact us to schedule a demo to learn about how our testing works. If you have worked with us before, you can contact anyone from the NAG team for assistance.

No. All tests must go through a qualified healthcare provider.

Reports for all your patients are available in one convenient web portal. You will receive an email with login instructions when you send in your first test.

At this time, reports are only available in English.


We offer swab collection kits for patients who cannot produce enough saliva. Saliva submissions tend to result in higher quality DNA and are preferred, but if the patient needs a swab for any reason, please request a swab-based collection kit.

Each patient must submit a Patient Consent Form and Saliva Submission Form. Doctors must complete a Requisition Form for each patient.

No. In order to ensure accuracy, all DNA extraction must be performed at our laboratories.

Yes, but only if the sequence is of sufficient quality. Many genomic sequencing companies do not utilize sufficient coverage for making accurate claims about a patient’s health. NAG is committed to only providing the most accurate information possible; therefore, we cannot analyze data from low-quality sequences. If you already have a WES/WGS and are interested in having us reanalyze it, please .

After the patient has collected the sample, please mail the kit back to us in the included envelope with the necessary paperwork. Multiple kits can be sent at once as long as all documentation is included.

Yes. All NAG collection kits include a prelabeled, prepaid envelope for returning the kit.

The most common failure is due to quality control. Each sample must pass two rounds of quality control. The first ensures that the DNA isolated from the sample is of sufficient quality for sequencing. The second checks the quality of the sequencing to ensure accuracy. A few common reasons for samples to fail quality control are an insufficient sample volume, a diluted sample caused by the patient drinking water too soon before collecting the sample, or contamination due to food or another person touching the inside of the collection tube. If your sample fails either round of quality control, we will send a new collection kit at no charge.