Who We Serve: Individuals

Upgrade Your Health With the Power of AI

Genome analysis uncovers how your unique genomics profile impacts your health. NAG’s AI-powered genomics platform takes bioinformatics to the next level, allowing you to personalize your health like never before. Optimize your health and improve your longevity.

Enhance Longevity With Next-Level Analyses

NAG is the chosen DNA analysis for the biohacker, the CEO looking to get an edge, or the individual looking to live to 100+. Our preventive health analyses provide you with actionable steps to increase longevity by addressing your biggest risks before they develop.

Uncover Undiagnosed Medical Issues

Approximately 10% of us are affected by a rare disease, yet over half are undiagnosed. NAG enables you to understand the root cause of your health conditions by comparing billions of data points in your DNA to millions of peer-reviewed papers to uncover the clinical impact of each variant in your genome.

Understanding How Your DNA Impacts Your Health Empowers You to:

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Prevent disease

optimize treatments icon

Optimize treatments

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Upgrade your health

Get Personalized Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations

Which type of diet is best for you? Is long-distance running or high-intensity interval training more likely to help you lose weight? Learn all this and much more with our personalized, evidence-based wellness plan that allows you to address your health concerns and prevent future diseases.

Is Genomic Analysis Right for Me?

Whether you’re relatively healthy, suffering from chronic conditions, or dealing with unexplained symptoms, our optimal longevity analyses can help you maximize your health. All we need is a simple saliva test you can complete during your regular doctor visit or from the comfort of your home. No blood draws are required.