The World's First AI-Powered Genomics Platform

New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG) is the first and only company to apply machine learning to genomic analysis. We utilize whole-exome sequencing, looking at all 22,000 genes in the human genome.

Our AI algorithms then compare each genetic variant to hundreds of millions of research papers to uncover how each individual’s unique genomic profile impacts their health.

Our platform empowers healthcare providers to utilize genomics like never before and delivers precise DNA-specific medical recommendations.

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The Future of Genomics and Healthcare Is Here

We analyze all 22,000 genes in the human genome, making ours the most comprehensive genomic test on the market. Utilizing advancements in AI technology, we can process massive quantities of genomic data efficiently at scale.

Each report gives a holistic view of how each person’s genetic profile impacts an individual’s health outcomes. Use our platform to optimize health outcomes with evidence-based, DNA-specific interventions.

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Actionable Results, Backed by Science

With something as important as your health, you need to be sure that you can trust your results. All of our reports are carefully vetted by our medical science team and backed by peer-reviewed literature.

Utilizing the Latest Medical Research

New Amsterdam Genomics is at the forefront of medical science. Science advances rapidly, so our genomic platform rechecks your results every two weeks to keep you up to date on the latest medical research. You’ll receive a notification whenever a new finding is associated with your unique genomic profile.

Lifetime Support

With our test, you get lifetime support from our medical science team, who can guide you through your results.